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So much has been said about “user-centred” design. To be in the game, you need to create with the customer in mind. So insights are critical.

But standing out requires one to ride the tailwinds of inspiration, knowing when to take creative risks. As experienced practitioners, we work directly with our clients. Helping you navigate this journey of creating something new & distinctive. It’s collaborative, sometimes uncomfortable, more often inspiring.



"Creative ideas are insufficient. To be meaningful, the act of design needs to be customer-centred."

Glen Tay cheung ning

Glen's creative vision spans graphics, product, industrial & interior design disciplines.

Founded his own design consultancy. Created an apparel business.  And designed cars for GM.

As a designer & entrepreneur, he brings a creative & practical energy to help clients use design effectively.



"Status quo is being challenged across industries. Good design is a defensive & an offensive strategy."

Khin Ng

Khin’s drive to use design as a strategic tool for business comes from blending his experience in management consulting, branding & design.

The Boston Consulting Group. Futurebrand & Interbrand. Co-founded & led a brand consultancy.

As a strategist & practitioner, Khin guides clients through the transformation of their brand or business: from insights, to concept development & throughout the design process.